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Posted: 07:32pm 18 Jan 2015      

Heeks cam is open source but for the stable version one the maker does ask for a 20 pound (pommie currency) fee. The only limitation is one needs to remove some code and a browser window popsup with the page to buy the product. I do intend to use that 2.4gig off line for now as I will have either buy a wifi card for the puter or run an ethernet cable to my new work room in the new shed I'm making. That will be some time away as I'm still concreting the main part of the shed which so my wife can setup a studio. (which takes priority if one want to keep living).

I do have Mach3 here to use and for linux I will have to find another IDE hard drive to put the ubuntu/emc2 OS on and I already have the disk for that OS here ready to go.

Recently I got Sprint Layout 6 so first I need to see if will run on a 32 bit puter and start milling pcb boards as the first project for the cnc.

Applying for jobs left right and centre but it is starting to look like once one turns 50 one is on the work scrapheap but still getting a few contracts with gearbox repairs here and there. Looks like a good year with batteries which will not only pay the bills but provide some play $$$ for my projects.

Prime if you do want to goahead and have a go at designing a 2.5D system you have one test dummy here......

Cheers Bryan