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I expect Gizmo will reply if he feels the need, but from MY interpretation of this thread, the original Maximite(black-and-white) or Duinomite are essentially obsolete now, so discussion of those systems is being phased out and discouraged.

  Gizmo said  This forum is here for members who want to share or need help with a micro-controller based project, be it a software application or hardware. Its not here to discuss open source verses closed source, why a controller lacks a feature, etc. Any such posts or posts that I see could cause a flame war will be removed.

You're fine asking about any of the current MM offerings.
The issue is - and I hope I am not paraphrasing Gizmo here - that we have seen a few trolls recently, arguing how they would have done things totally differently, and that their approach would have been far better then the current one on offer.

This forum is very actively policed(by Gizmo), so this kind of thing gets shut-down very quickly, and perhaps Gizmo is just trying to re-enforce that those kinds of: 'This design is excrement!  You should have done it MY way!' topics or posts by NEW members with that attitude, will not be tolerated.

In YOUR case, I think you are fine(as a new member), as you have not done any of that.

EDIT: Opps!  Did not notice that this is a post from Gizmo back in November 2011 - NINE YEARS ago, so you can probably ignore it as far as current posts are concerned, but I still stand by this post.  
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