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  Grogster said  
You're fine asking about any of the current MM offerings.
The issue is - and I hope I am not paraphrasing Gizmo here - that we have seen a few trolls recently, arguing how they would have done things totally differently, and that their approach would have been far better then the current one on offer.

This forum is very actively policed(by Gizmo), so this kind of thing gets shut-down very quickly, and perhaps Gizmo is just trying to re-enforce that those kinds of: 'This design is excrement!  You should have done it MY way!' topics or posts by NEW members with that attitude, will not be tolerated.

If you are referring to a particular person whose increasingly off-topic posts were deleted a little while ago (rightly so IMO) then I agree - but at the same time we all want the community to grow and welcome new users, not alienate them because others have been around longer! The more people who discover the various *mites the better!

The problems with this line of thinking are:
1. It gives the impression that others opinions are not important or worthy of consideration.
2. There is obvious bias against new members which is counterproductive to growing a community.
3. Ideas and comments by people unfamiliar with the project is often useful, because they can see things from a different perspective and are not so emotionally invested in the way things are. It's also worth remembering that most users don't have the time to go through years of messages or have knowledge of design decisions that were previously made.

This isn't a flame or personal attack and shouldn't be interpreted as such. It would be a shame if someone read or inferred that new users aren't welcome here.