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Due to the increase in off topic posts, and negative comments, made in several sections of this forum, I've decided to make a few changes to what can and can not be posted. Some of you have noticed the Windmill and Solar sections have been locked down for a few days. This was because several posts got out of hand and I didn't have time to address the issues, so locked them until I did.

Any off topic posts will be deleted as soon as I see them, or are notified of them. Whats off topic? The section headers explain it.

Windmills section is for discussion about your home built, modified or unmodified windmill, or a design you find interesting and wanted to share. The economics, politics or health effects of wind farms is no longer accepted, be it positive or negative.

Solar is for discussion about your home built solar installation, including electricity, water heating, steam generation, etc. Sharing a story about a large scale solar farm is OK, as to date its not as controversial as wind farms.

The Electronics, Microcontroller and EV sections have been reasonably well behaved. Thanks guys.

Other Stuff is for "shed" projects that wont fit in the other sections, like CNC, hydro, etc. Again, not a place for anything political or controversial.

The remaining sections have also been OK lately.

Basically, this forum and web site is a place to discuss the interesting stuff we play around with, projects we build at home or a work.

If there is a post that offends you, DO NOT reply to the post. Every post has a "Report" button, where you can privately say what offends you about a post, the message is sent to me, and I will take action if I think its necessary.

Occasionally I'm asked to remove posts, threads, or every post ever made, by a member who wishes to "move on". I cant do this unless there is a breech of the forum rules. If you feel at some time in the future you may want to remove posts you are about to make, dont make them in the first place. The reason I dont like removing posts is it makes the forum difficult to read, imagine reading a book where random pages have been torn out!

Lastly, remember this forum, and the internet, is global. Therefore you need to understand that you comments, or the comments of others, may be misinterpreted. Different cultures have different idea's on what is and isn't funny, or acceptable. And for many members, english is not their first language, so you need to be tolerant and understand you may be miss reading their message, or they may not understand your reply.

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