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G'day all in Australia,
(sorry to all our overseas members, only available in Australia)

One of my suppliers has just emailed their Christmas 2011 runout pallet prices on Astronergy solar panels. Anyone interested in buying a pallet? You can have them at the prices in the list.

Anyone interested in the 170W panels, I am prepared to buy a pallet and split them up for 5% extra. So $4829.27 / 22 panels = $219.52 +5% = $230.50 each though will need to be sold in pairs as they come 2 in a box. If there is enough buyers to take a whole pallet then I will split them up without the 5% extra ($219.52 x 2 panels). Prices do include GST, but will be plus freight.

Get together with your friends and get yourself a great Christmas present.

I don't expect these pallets of panels to last very long, I am only one of many retail outlets. Act now. Post your interest here and email me, or just email me at

*** EDIT *** Monday 19 Dec 2011
Apparently, you can't reply here to this post. This section doesn't allow replies. I just tried to reply, not realizing I could edit.

So just email me.

I went to order 2 pallets of the 170w panels and they told me that the 170w panels are a short panel. That is, they only have 66 cells (11 rows of 6 cells) and are a 22v nominal panel. These are typicaly used in long strings for grid connect. They assure me that they are no good for charging 24v battery. I don't totally agree given the power max voltage is still higher, at best probably stop charging sooner in low light, due to a lower output voltage, but have decided to buy the 175w panels anyhow.

The spec sheets given to me from my supplier are slightly different from these on the website, but are very close to the same specs.

Here is the spec sheet for the 170w short panel. Note 66 cells.

Here is the spec sheet for the 175w standard 24v nominal panel. Note 72 cells.

I will order 2 pallets of these 175w panels today.
The 170w panel deal shifts to these 175w panels.
I will split the pallets for anyone wanting less than a pallet, for 5% extra.

So $5274.35 / 22 panels = $239.74 +5% = $251.73
Sold in pairs as they come 2 in a box.
Enough buyers I will split them up without the 5% extra ($239.74 x 2 panels). Prices do include GST, but will be plus freight.

Email me at

SOLD - up to date 19 Dec - 8 Panels

*** EDIT *** Saturday 24 Dec 2011

Picked up 2 pallets of the 175w panels yesterday, 23 Dec
My good ol' EV Hilux has proven many times its worth.

SOLD - up to date 24 Dec - 12 Panels

*** EDIT *** Tuesday 3 Jan 2012

Apparently something has happened to the data sheet PDF files in the links above, they are not in English. As far as I know they were in English, but they are not now. Email me for a copy of the data sheet in English.

SOLD - (I should say ordered or accounted for) up to date 3 Jan - 1 pallet, 22 Panels
I am fitting a pallet to my own roof. So that is 2 pallets accounted for at present.
I have emailed my supplier for another pallet, but I don't know if they will be available until the 9 Jan when they return to work from their Christmas/New Year break. If you are interested, just email me quick and give yourself the best chance of a good deal.

I don't just sell these panels, I believe in them. Here is a picture on the shed / clinic roof, so far 18 panels fitted.

*** EDIT *** Wed 11 Jan 2012

I have secured a 3rd pallet, the last pallet in the Christmas warehouse cleanout
so far committed is 46 panels
12 more indicated, yet to confirm
and one person indicated interest, but did not state how many panels
that leaves maybe 8 panels left.

Don't PM me, I just found someone had PM'd back earlier in January. You could miss out if I don't see your PM. Email me direct.

*** EDIT *** Tue 24 Jan 2012

We have filtered through all the enquiries and requests for panels.
28 panels sold
24 panels fitted to my own roof

No new enquiries for a few weeks now.

***this offer of cheap panels is now closed***

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