AXFX White Pointer 2.5

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A smaller version of my original AXFX is on the go. Dad made an AXFX for himself but was very dissapointed that no power would come out of it. Even just one coil on it own only produced 1.5v. So we have set out to show how the AXFX should be built.

The idea with this is to fit inside the covers of the White Pointer design. Steel disks are 8mm thick and 240mm diameter. While I machined the steel, I set Dad to task with roughing out some alloy disks for my wire winder. The coils needed to be much bigger than in the original AXFX. Then set him on winding the coils, with both tails coming out from the outside edge of the coil. Dad also did the fibreglass work with tips from my first one.

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