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Don's DuinoMite Discounts

For a short period of time, Dontronics is offering 25% off our normal retail prices for all Olimex DuinoMite boards.

Around $23 (plus GST if applicable) for a complete computer system, such as the DuinoMite-Mini:

Or you can set it up as a 15 Pin MaxiMite.

Can be loaded with DuinoMite Basic, or MaxiMite Basic, as Geoff Graham has written a special version to offer limited support for the DuinoMite boards.

This is a great way of getting into MaxiMite-DuinoMite programming at an obscene entry price level, or perfectly priced as a backup board for your critical stand alone application. Quantity discounts still apply.

At $23 for 15 pins, that is $1.53 a pin.
This has to be cheaper than you can actually purchase the individual parts to build one. You can't buy a PCB and a programmed PIC32 chip at this price.

This 25% discount also applies to: l et.html

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