Altronics Colour Maximite - Mystery Cap

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  Keith W. said  An interesting question for GeoffG is that I think it possible for USB devises to specify the current to be supplied to them. What is the case with the Maximite?

Yes, the Maximite tells the host that it needs a maximum of 200mA. However I think that most hosts ignore that and give you the full 500mA anyway.

The Colour Maximite should work with USB voltages as low as 4.3V. I don't know what it is with USB power but it has affected many people (it could be high speed spikes on the USB 5V). Moving to a plug pack nearly always fixes the issue.

  Nick said  I set the time and date with Time$/Date$ and it did store this but everytime I turn on the Maximite, it still is set to that time.

Could this be the crystal?

That is a strange one and I have not seen it. I guess that it could be the crystal but check your soldering around there first.

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