4 wheeler to EV

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Posted: 12:59am 19 Dec 2013      

Converting a 4 wheeler motor bike to electric drive has been on the cards for a very long time. Dale (son) and I bought a Polaris Scrambler 90cc many years ago. I also bought the 12v speed controller many years ago, which would be around the time I took out the 12v motor that used to drive the power steering and air conditioner in my EV Hilux. The plan was that this 12v motor would be the drive motor for the 4 wheeler.

Today we started stripping the scrambler. Some great Dad and Dale time together. Though this is nothing new, we do a lot together.

Dale is great on the tools. Spanners, sockets, impact wrench, and so on. I will wait a little longer before I let him on the grinder though.

We pushed it outside to gerni it all clean. Then back in to work out all the positions of components. Some brackets that will not be used were in the way for mounting the motor, so they were cut and ground off.

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