4 wheeler to EV

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In between work, extended family, and other activities, we continue our little project. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

First up was to get the motor mounted. The motor had to sit out a little into the foot rest area so the sprockets and chain lined up. The front mount was quite simple. Just welded a piece of box tube across the 4 wheeler frame for motor to sit on, bolt to. The back one had to be cut to mould into the 4 wheeler frame on an angle. All good, painted and bolted in the motor.

Then it was on to the battery pack mounting. This was quite simple. The frame had to be leveled off some and fitted with a flat bed to sit the battery pack on. The flat galvanised sheet was welded to the 4 wheeler frame. The angle at the bottom of the battery pack, screwed to the side alloy strapping plates, simply bolt through the foot rest frame. With that sorted, the cells were then set up for charging and balancing. All cells connected in parallel and charged with 5 x 3.7v chargers, giving 20A charge rate. These cells are 260ah.

The speed controller was bolted to the 4 wheeler frame where the fuel tank used to be. To start with we had the terminals facing forward, but just couldn't get the cables to work neat enough. I am using old cables that came out of the EV Hilux. Ended up removing an old fuel tank bracket, and turning the speed controller so the terminal face backward. The problem with terminals facing backwards was that the seat has to mount under the steel strap there on the frame. The cables had to be kept back from that seat bracket, but worked so much better. The seat still works. No new cables were made. All the high power cables are connected. The dual battery switch is used as precharge through a resister on "number one leg". On "both leg" and "number 2 leg" the high power can flow. The switch is rated for 300amps continuous and 400amp max intermittent. It should handle it. The speed controller is 400amp, but should not need that much to get the 4 wheeler rolling.

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