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Got a new sprocket for the rear, 56 teeth. It was the biggest they had in the shop that I went to. That is close to 3 to 1 ratio. I machined the teeth off the old small sprocket so it was a tight hammer fit in the centre of the new sprocket. Mounted it on the rear axle of the 4 wheeler to make it run true. Tack welded in 4 places and then removed to weld each section.

For the chain, the shop didn't have any chain that size, so temporary I have added in some old mower chain I had lying around here.

We have added heat sinks to the sped controller as well. I have about 30kg of heat sinks I got for scrap price and so worked out how to fit 2 of them. The bottom heat sink had to have 2 fins removed so it would fit between the 4 wheeler frame. Checked out the positions and set about mounting it all together on the floor. The bottom one had to be offset to the top one.

Then mounted it back in the 4 wheeler. It is higher and further toward the front of the 4 wheeler so it would fit under the plastic cover.

With it all secured, I took it out for a test ride. Better than before, I did about 2km. Got it up to fairly high speed for a little bike. Acceleration though is very sluggish still. Too much load with not enough motor RPM, the speed controller won't allow full throttle.

Dale took it out for a spin. Went better with the lighter body on it. He rode across the farm to my sister's place, about 2 km one way. Rode it around their rally track. And back home again. I followed on my big Polaris Scrambler 500cc.

The gearing is still not right. I need a smaller sprocket on the front, and maybe yet bigger sprocket on the rear.

The speed controller did not get too hot, the heat sinks work a treat, just need to get the gearing set up right.

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