4 wheeler to EV

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Posted: 01:35am 05 Jan 2014      

The battery voltage was 3.32v per cell when we left to go to my sister's place and was still 3.32v per cell when we got home. It will be interesting to see just how long it will run for.

We then set about getting all the covers back in place. Dale has a very good memory of what goes where and with what bolts. Some new bracketing made along the way and other improvising to hold the covers in place better than they were before.

The speed controller top heat sink had to be cut a little on the top back corner to fit under the front cover.

The rear cover, left mud guard, had to have a very small piece cut from it to fit around the motor, and the black foot guard had some cut from it also to fit around the motor.

Dale loves the hands on stuff.

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