4 wheeler to EV

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We had this old bike lying under a tree for some time. Looking and thinking, we decided to strip the wheels (Dale wants another trailer to tow behind the electric 4 wheeler) and the sprockets for adding to Dale's 4 Wheeler.

Then it was to thinking how we can make the sprockets work. This was a very tricky little exercise, and after testing different ideas, we came up with an idea that worked. A bit of machining, to hold it all together and bolt it onto the rear swing arm. We finished this last Wednesday night and took it out for a test run. The gear ratio is now 13 teeth on the front to 37 teeth and then 14 teeth to 56 teeth. That's 11.38:1 ratio. We have cut the top speed quite a bit, but increased the torque on the back wheels and now has no problem climbing up the hills. Acceleration is great!

Dale has been riding it around quite a lot. Today we take it out for some pictures of spinning the back wheels.

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