2 volt 500ah batteries - Suit 12V 24V 48V

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Posted: 02:14am 23 Jul 2007      

G-day all,

as Drew (63ute) said, I'm now the proud owner of a
48V bank of 2Volt 500Ahr cells. I cannot fully express
just how happy I am with this purchase

I was sceptical of the deal as it was SO cheap. But Drew
is a top bloke to deal with. I've even had other people email
me to confirm that the deal was above board. The cells were
well packed on two pallets and sent all the way to sunny
North Queensland. Even the freight Co. bent over backwards
to make the delivery possible (which I might add is rare up here :-)

So far I've topped each individual cell to float voltage after
putting a nice fat load on it for a while. They all seem 100%.
I'm designing a BMS (Battery Management System) for them
at the moment, and it will be flexible to more than 100 cells and
completely user definable chemistry etc. I have another project
that requires a 100 cell string of LiOns.

Oh, and making a nice battery stand like RossW has...

Will keep you posted,

and again a big thankyou to Drew


It should work ...in theory