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Posted: 02:42pm 10 Jul 2020      

  realbobele said  Hi there :)

Can anybody who has ordered at tell me about reaction- and delivery times? I have ordered a CMM2 fully assembled and it was "available on backorder". I know I have to wait, I just wanted to know how long this may possibly be. But when I  reach out for them via website or eMail I do not get an answer. As with Corona these are times where you always have to hope that everyones is okay, I will just not press on and just wait. But maybe someone here who has ordered a CMM2 (if there is someone) from them can tell me, how long it took for them to send the product out.

Thanks and Greetings from Germany

Please rest assured that is still up and functioning.

Emails may be slow at the moment. There is a personal reason for the temporary lack of communication that I am not at liberty to talk about.