New Book, Making a 6kW OzInverter

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  Clockmanfr said   Hi arthur8,

Yes, postal international tracking in Brazil is not functioning in Brazil.

Once the tracked item is in Brazil The Brazilian Post Office does not recognise the rest of the worlds tracking numbers.

I have sent tracking numbered books to Brazil and delivery has taken up to 16 weeks.
And the client in Brazil put a Paypal claim in against me.

I am not a business with these books, but I am not a charity, and certainly I can not afford to loose money with items sent to Brazil.


However, I would be willing to send as a normal Post, and can send you a JPEG of the item being posted at our normal Post Office. But it may take some time to get to you, and I can not give a guarantee that you will actually get it.

Hi Clockman,

I'm sorry for this. But there is a lot of honest persons here.

Actually i buy a lot of itens on China and what happens here is bad logistics. I'never lost any package on more than 100 bought products from Ali/eBay. But the delay is real, it takes a lot to arrive.

The problem is that i'm tired to buy inverters from my offgrid system and they blow up sooner or later. Now i want to make my own inverter and i've found your topic (also Madness topic) searching for this on Google. That is why i'm willing to make an ozinverter for myself.

I was talking with Madness over PM to buy some boards and he stopped to respond me since two days ago. He maybe thinks i'm a scammer, too. Now i can understand what is happening.

Again, i'm very sorry for this idiot that make our people looks bad.

I can send any documents you would need and i can pay using any other method you would like. I have an business and very old paypal account, but if you prefer, i can send you money using bitcoins and you can convert them to AUD or USD extremely easily, also, bitcoins are extremely safe and not, in any way, refundable.

Any shipping method for me will work, my only need is a tracking code so i can pay the taxes when it arrives here.

At the moment, i have all the parts here to make my own ozinverter (transformers, the current transformer, about 100 HY4008's and almost everything from what i've read on your topic and Madness topic). I will open a topic so i can ask (and give) help for people that would like to make this inverter at home because i think it is becoming very difficult to make the power board for myself. I already have the control board (kudos to you!), but i can't find the gerbers for the power board anywhere.

If you could maybe sell me just the project, i can ask someone here to print the board for me here. Of course you have your work on this and of course i think is honest to pay you for your invested time.

And, please, don't think we are all like that. There is tons of honest people here.

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