New Book, Making a 6kW OzInverter

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Posted: 06:09am 01 Jun 2019      

Thanks Bruce for helping Arthur.

I have had several more enquires from Brazil, but its the paypal, as they are very keen to refund the buyer if the seller has no tracking information.

I will send anywhere in the World, as long as the recipient is willing to not chase me for a repayment within a few weeks.

I also have enquiries' from Russia, but again very difficult.

LadyN, we have already discussed the PDF situation, it may suit you, but absolutely does not help progressing any more documentation of a particular subject.

And as I said before there are some serious fraudsters out there re-hashing others documents and others work and claiming its there's for there own financial profit.
Yes, even saw a TV programme where the bounder claimed that a certain homemade wind turbine was his own design and making. When it was so clearly a Hugh Piggott design he released with a PDF.

Me, I Just build and document, and give my boys a Workshop manual, and in my book I always give credit where credit is due.