New Book, Making a 6kW OzInverter

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Posted: 02:24pm 01 Jun 2019      

  brucedownunder2 said   Arthur8..

Brucedownunder here,Arthur.

My wife is Brasilian, and will be travelling to Belo Horonzie, and Uberaba come August ..

She maybe could carry a couple of PCB,s etc and post them to you from her Mums place.

You arrange to get them to the Gold Coast ,Australia.

Send me a PM some time soon and we'll see if something can be done.



Fantastic, bruce!

I will ask Madness what is the price to send the boards to your place, then your wife could please post on Correios (local post) for me?

That will help me a lot. Brazil customs is slow and this can help me a lot to get the boards fast. I will send you a PM soon.

Again, i don't have words to thank you!