New Book, Making a 6kW OzInverter

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  arthur8 said  

But i've searched about the "Warpverter" and didn't found so much info on it. I love robust circuits, and since my home have a very big energy consumption because of compressors i have on central air conditioning units, etc, i would really love to have something that will give me 15kW peaks happily.

Could you please guide me to find the warpverter project topic? Or there isn't a topic yet?

The information is there, but its rather fragmented between different threads.

There has now been one successfully completed Warpverter project apart from my own, and two more are in in the very final stages of construction.
All are in the 5Kw to 7.5Kw class.

When several independent people have all had success, we can share our experiences and it then becomes a far more mature and well established way to build a high powered inverter.

Like the Oz inverter it will be an evolving process where others contribute to a successful core design, making it much easier for others to follow in our footsteps.
So just be patient for a few more weeks, its definitely coming...
Cheers, Tony.