New Book, Making a 6kW OzInverter

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Hi Gary,

Yes I am doing a "OzInverter, Brief notes on its substance and its development."

Which will have links, why OzInverter? what it can do etc etc.

What it can do?. Toroid's are the key here, they match with our Power Board and its matching OzControl board. No commercial available toroid will do, we stack cores, do the maths on the cross section mm/2, (real working figures) gives us a rough guide on the Secondary windings and Primary windings from the known ratio. (Its in the book), we wind by hand, (example of the table set up), as no commercial winding machine can get into our stacked cores, we mylar tape and expoxy each winding, this stops the buzzing and movement of the windings so eliminating early failure due to shorting out. We test each winding for correct turns etc, we wind a low count single primary core, about 50mm/2, better cooling abilities, we bench test it and test the secondary and amend the primary by a turn to get what we want. The Power Board the OzControl board......Any how you get the drift, its all in the book stage by stage.

So what you end up with is a stonking big, serious Power Inverter. And all at a very reasonable Price.

The past 6 months I have got used to running behind oztules adventures and trying to keep up. And as my Mrs says, "Sometimes when someone asks you a technical question, you reply, and within a few minutes there eyes glaze over, TMI" (to much information).

So yes, I will do an Introduction page on the Mrs Web site about the OzInverter.

The OzInverter project has shot off in many directions, like they do, but at present the main Forum and talking shop is the EGS002 topic.,1116.msg12233.html?PHPSESSI D=h7jd5l4edljl6k4ls18pgfj4i1#msg12233

The 4i1&

This Forum. The Back Shed.


But some searching will be required, so hence me doing this book and bringing all relevant Information together.

Just a quick look at 'Oztules' jottings alone, gives me nearly 80,000 words. Edited by Clockmanfr 2016-06-06