Various aspects of home brew inverters

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I intend to get me one of these EG8010 boards, to torture to death, just for fun.
They are so cheap and I am a curios kind of guy...

Do not forget, that anything that runs on software, somewhere has a crystal or a resonator to generate the appropriate Mhz heart beat for the processor.

We can be fiendishly cunning and replace that with a voltage controlled oscillator, and then lock the PWM 50Hz output of our EG8010 board to the mains directly with a bit of very simple external hardware.

No need to molest the software at all. We can make it run fast or slow and phase lock it solid to the grid, and if the grid dies it just plods on unknowing only very slightly off frequency which will not matter.

In my own own system, I rectify grid power to high voltage dc, then turn that back into 50Hz sine wave power to power my home. All done at high voltages and relatively low current, so its very efficient.
My home brew inverter is not mains locked, and there is no need for to be.
Cheers,  Tony.