Various aspects of home brew inverters

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In the link you mention Poida I gave the parameters that my Trace Inverter uses for both grid and generator synchronisation. It uses a range of 3 Hz above and below the target of 50, once it goes out of that range the Inverter disconnects. Many people with off-grid Inverters would benefit from the ability to charge off a generator. They will not hold exactly the same frequency and will tend to drift a bit particularly with load fluctuations.

The Trace has 2 AC inputs and will work with grid and generators, there are several modes, one of these is to regulate the battery voltage using the grid to dump the excess power when available. If you use Oztules idea of using panels that have maximum power at 30 volts and have these in strings of 2 for a 48 Volt system. Then you can have no charge controller other than the Inverter connected to the grid to divert the extra power. If there is low battery voltage then it could also charge from the grid as required.
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