Various aspects of home brew inverters

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Poida's insights are truly amazing revelations.....good work.

There are a few twists and turns to be unravelled too.

Sometimes the 8010 will change load requirements instantly, but the transformer noise changes very slowly. It may go silent and be pulling 6kw, then after a few seconds of "catching up with requirements, and running steady at the new power level", the wobbles can come back in, and the transformer changes sound, from silent to quiet running.

It would be nice to have the silent running part all the time.

Different transformers have different sounds, and that may be explained now by the resonances.

Is it possible the 4 fets no wobbles, and 6 fet wobbles is because the impedance presented by more fets is lower, and the resonant frequency changes from out of range to in range perhaps.

Mad, have you run the new drivers yet to see if they stop the wobbles? If they make no difference, then Poida is probably spot on the money.

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