Various aspects of home brew inverters

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Madness: I can't help you with your mosfet exploding issue. It's beyond my understanding at the moment and likely will be for a while.

Oz: I agree - when changing the no. of fets the series resistance changes (when ON) and so the tank will behave differently with more or less damping.
I have my prototype inverter (i.e. arduino driven one) running with the 3.5 turns in the E core. IT starts up up fine and runs fine. The strange thing is it takes about 1 second after full voltage to be reached and PID in control for a strange, asymetrical wiggle appear in output AC. Extra transformer noise appears too. It seems to me that something is not quite resonant but waiting for the needed excitation to arrive, then it resonates. I can make the transformer make louder noises when I increase AC output setpoint, and when I reduce setpoint, no noise in transition, but after a few seconds, it returns. This also is present in the EG8010 controlled aliexpress inverter boardbut a little less. The E core does strange things when wound with thick wire to my test systems.

Thanks for all your comments.

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