Various aspects of home brew inverters

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  Madness said   I have not got the new drivers running properly yet, I have had it running with no transformer but when the transformer is connected the TC4452's are failing as soon as the soft start completes./QUOTE]

That is very odd mad.

I have not yet managed to get any of my TC4452 to fail with my test rig.
I did manage to blow some mosfets by adding too much load on my test rig. It really only can handle a 60W soldering iron, the power supply I'm using limits more load. But the TC4452's survived the mosfet demises. I got mine from RS components. More were ordered (for my mosfet blocks) but are on back order now until the 20th.

I do *not* use charge pumps to power the high side BTW. I think this idea is a bit of a chicken & egg situation. I much prefer the TC4452's have *all* their supplies on before I switch the soft start on.
You can see the little isolated DC/DC converters in the pics I posted.

I also made new PCB boards for 16 x HY4008 with each TC4452 driving 4 gates via individual 1 Ohm resistors. That still needs more work before I can start testing. Initially with only 4 x HY4008, no caps but the battery bank for power. My test toroid should be good for 2-3Kw if I get that far.

The new 420A mosfet blocks have arrived and are ready for testing but I won't do that yet. Lets see if those HY4008 work first, they are much cheaper to replace