Various aspects of home brew inverters

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Good evening everyone,
Thanks for your answers!

I realized that playing with the 400vdc is not a good thing.

I remember that in one of the many jobs done as a boy (electrician)
to have taken the 10kv of a transformer for neon.
I lost use of my arm for 20 minutes.
and my heart was not so happy.

I understood that the LF transformer acts as a dam also for any peaks or current draws bidirectional, mitigating based on core type and sizing.

naturally also as a filter based on inductance or capacity present before or after.

i used all three inverters, but the one LF will be the base like test bench for experiments as you did.

excellent Peter, thanks for the support,
i checked what i have as hardware:

3 x ir21844 are equal to 2184? I don't think they are the same.
and 2 x ir2110

the other components are easily found here and there.

however I cannot find the schematic of your breadboard.

seen up here:

can you describe the pattern if you still have it somewhere?

do the navoverter boards advance to anyone?

I read about your THD analysis at this link:

"Time to look at waveform purity. I calculate the THD of this prototype inverter to be about 0.5% (50Hz 70db, 3rd 25db, 4th 25db, 5th 20db, 6th 20db) via the DSO's FFT.
Not too bad at all. "

great, but the DSO Rigol can give you the distortion percentage too?

I ask because within a few months I will have to buy it,
it is essential otherwise I have no objective feedback on the changes made and the debugging of the problems.

i own this to test distortion.

0.28% because I measured at the output of the hifi ps audio conditioner.

at the input I have 3-4%.

Ciao! A.