Various aspects of home brew inverters

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  poida said   I hear what you are saying Warpspeed.
Between the excellent primary current sensor, the simple inductor tester using one FET and the LCR meter I have it covered. Maybe if I have a spare afternoon and a few beers in the fridge I might make the 2 FET tester. Gate drive will be via a disposable arduino, then a level shifter.

Well worth a go.
Another quick thought.
As this will be sometimes working right down to zero dc volts, and at very low switching frequencies, the mosfet gate drivers will be much better if they are continuously and independently dc powered.
The usual charge pump for the upper gate driver will definitely give you some grief.
I used a pair of small mains transformer/rectifiers to supply isolated gate drive power.

Very interesting gapping the E core.
Ferrite is still going to saturate at about 0.35 Teslas even with a gap.
Good grain oriented steel saturates at probably closer to 1.3 Teslas.
All else being equal, thats about three times the ampere turns.
Cheers,  Tony.