Various aspects of home brew inverters

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  Warpspeed said   I have a 75 amp Hall sensor (LA55P) glued onto the end of a plastic box which contains a +/-15v dc power supply inside. I just grab that and plug it into the mains, and plug the coax output into my oscilloscope. Its my "big" current probe ready for instant use at any time.

Often quite useful for many other things besides choke testing.

Thanks for that, what an excellent idea, another project .... where will it end

Have ordered a couple of those LA55-P's from AliExpress (LA55-P) seem cheap enough, hope they are not fakes. Which reminds me, recently I ordered some IRFP4468's from RS here in NZ and out of 30, 3 were suspect fakes and had to be sent back to RS, they didnt meet spec and had incorrect case markings, They very smartly shipped out replacements, so nothing can be trusted, would be very interesting how they got into their supply chain.