Various aspects of home brew inverters

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Posted: 11:49pm 03 Jun 2017      

  Warpspeed said  .... Its probably not a problem unless you put it anywhere near large sheets of metal, or even worse fully enclose it in a fairly small metal box.

A sheet of metal placed very close acts like a shorted turn which can significantly reduce the inductance.....

I can endorse what Warpspeed is saying here, my background involved working on 100KW radio transmitters, these used large coils, usually made from copper tubing for the various inductors, in all cases the coil was positioned near the middle of any contained metal cabinet, usually over a cubic meter in volume, any smaller would have drastic effects,a lot of the coils were inside room sized open air enclosures with no metal close by.

I dont think an air coil is going to be practical for use in an inverter, one would require a huge box or it would have to be mounted external to it.