Various aspects of home brew inverters

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  Tinker said   Interesting comments, have not inductive stove tops air cores in them?

So Mike, will a iron core (like the choke I was discussing in another thread) be affected if it ends up mounted against a sheet metal cabinet wall? Or is it wiser to space it off a little with a piece of plywood?

Induction stoves have an air cored coil, and when you place a magnetic conductive pot on top of it, the pot acts as a shorted turn and by induction sucks whatever energy is being fed into the coil circuit, thus heating the pot.

There wont be any problem mounting your choke against the cabnet wall, but keep the surface with the air gap upper most away from the wall, depending on how its bolt holes are positioned, but we dont want the mounting bolts to short the air gap through your metal cabinet, maybe easier to mount on a piece of timber, assuming it wont heat up so much to cause a fire.