Various aspects of home brew inverters

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  Warpspeed said   I have been messing with PWM inverters, class D amplifiers, multi step inverters, and variable frequency drives for years. Its an absolutely fascinating subject.

There are some much better, nicer, and faster microcontrollers around now than there were thirty years ago.
But its still a pretty stiff challenge only for the very brave.

Maybe we should start a new thread rather than hijacking this one ?

I have experimented with some original and off beat ideas with great success that may spur further thought and development from others here. Putting together something right now in fact.

Willing to share, and would particularly value the ideas and experiences of others.

A new thread would be nice. In my experimental inverter schematic, I have made provisions to use an arduino nano and added a net (G0XING) to sync the generated sine wave with the grid. I don't know if the atmel chip can do it. It was a 'just-in-case'.