Various aspects of home brew inverters

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  noneyabussiness said   Always a interesting read poida, please keep it up... its so fascinating. Us not so bright ones are really enjoying each saga

Plus 1 on the, "not so bright ones".

Warpspeed, yes I agree. Until the OzInverter is under some sort of loading then wobbles in the waveform are something I can live with.

I am concerned that just testing certain parts may not necessarily be such a good idea and could cause faults at later stages in the build.

I am definitely a 'Oztules' Fan of 'follow known procedure, check everything, assemble everything, charge the big caps on power up, and switch on'. It seems to work for me.!

interestingly, on first loading of a virgin toroid and virgin choke, both make a peculiar vibrating low frequency audible sound. 5 minutes later after a bit of loading, even a 100 watt light bulb for idle power use, the Ozinverter settles down to a very gentle quite hum!. Switched off and back on the OzInverter never makes that original virgin start up sound.