Various aspects of home brew inverters

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The load is a combination of computers, modem, router, 55"LCD TV, 2 fridges, fish tank, and other things mostly on standby.
The power factor as measured by the Power Mate is usually 0.6 or 0.8
This is due to running fridge motors, switch mode power supplies etc.

It would be easy to check but a pain in the ****. I'd need to go through the house and move all things back over to the street power outlets, then get maybe the bench grinder from work and attach it as the only load. Then re-instrument and test.

I am certain there is bi-directional energy exchange between the inverter and loads.
When a change over occurs with the loads full of inductive energy, I suppose it has to go somewhere and somewhere is back into the inverter via the full bridge switches and into the bulk capacitors.

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