Various aspects of home brew inverters

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  Warpspeed said  
But the trick is to resonate the transformer at EXACTLY 1.5 times the output frequency, so that any gradual resonant buildup ends up being out of phase with the next cycle. It has a magic self damping effect, and its amazingly effective. But you need to be within one or two Hz to get the maximum benefit. Mark's transformer tuned to 76Hz with exactly 6uF across the secondary.

Thanks Tony, excellent explanation as always.

That 6uF capacitor is way bigger than anything I tried across the secondary.
Which got me thinking, on Marks set up that capacitor is on the control board and connected by longish leads out of necessity to the secondary.

On my set up that 'tuning' capacitor is right on top of the toroid and connected by the shortest possible leads.

Does the lead length make much difference? Intuition tells me yes but I might be wrong.