Various aspects of home brew inverters

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I take no sides in this dog fight: I am but a lowly experimenter who likes to discover things.
But should the things I find and share add to one side or the other, then I am OK with that.

Without competing ideas and those who want to support one or another side to the story, most of what we call "scientific progress" would not be possible.
Not that I am thinking the 23 and counting posts I have here is to be viewed as science, but.

I have complete confidence we all will get to the stage where we can build and repair a multi kW inverter without any fuss and broken semiconductors. Maybe some people here think we are there already and why bother with the details. I mean, there is cold beer in the fridge and it's time to move on...

My credo is to keep learning. It's fun and it excites me.

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