Various aspects of home brew inverters

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the transformer is a 1500VA Aerosharp.
I measured it at 0.715 V AC RMS/turn at 230 V AC RMS on the secondary winding.
It has a label on it, with the secondary rated at 230V and 4.3A.
The primary winding is not much use to me, it's marked as
93V 50/60Hz....
So I suppose it's good for 50Hz. At about 235V RMS it shows clear signs
of saturation at 46Hz.

I found a good way to see when saturation is/isn't.
I place a current sensor on the DC supply and watch for the peaks
to appear that correspond to the AC voltage zero crossing.
I can get it to about 1/2 Hz.

pink trace is DC supply current
light Blue is primary current
dark Blue is AC output voltage

no saturation:

arrows show the beginnings of saturation:

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