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That seems like a rather low and flat peak Klaus.
Try it again with a much higher value series resistor.

I just went out to the shed and grabbed an inspire toroid which only has the 130v primary winding on it, and a 5uF. Quickly measured it with a multimeter and a 1K series resistor at 20Hz intervals.
I had no idea where the peak was going to end up...

20Hz 258mV
40Hz 659mV
60Hz 977mV
80Hz 863mV
100Hz 706mV
120Hz 585mV
140Hz 493mV
160Hz 424mV
180Hz 368mV
200Hz 323mV

Looked at the whole thing on my brand new (thirty+ year old) antique spectrum analyser measured the same way, 1K series resistor, 20Hz per horizontal division, linear vertical scale.
There is a clearly defined peak at about 62Hz, and its reasonably sharp too.

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