Various aspects of home brew inverters

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Sorry poida if I keep hijacking your thread but it -is- one aspect of a home brew inverter .

A question for warpspeed; having trouble resonating my 2.5KVA toroid secondary with a suitable capacitor I thought of a different approach - solving it mathematically.

I found this calculator on the net. It lets me input two known parameters and calculates the third of the parallel resonance formulae.

I measured my toroid secondary as being 575mH, using that little LC tester that was mentioned here some time ago.

For 75hz resonance it comes up with 7.8316uF
Assuming I use a 8uF capacitor the resonant frequency would be 74.2Hz

Does that look all right by you? I'll try a 8uF motor start cap tomorrow and see if the audio oscillator method gives a sharper peak with that.