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Comparing outboards in hp is always misleading as so much depends on things like prop pitch, revs etc that its hard to directly match HP to speed.

A mate of mine had a 50(I think) hp motor that had been fitted by the previous owner with a racing/ skiing prop, he replaced it with a 75 stock, and actually went slower. Many manufacturers fit a prop that will peak below redline, so much so that many can never actually get to their redline. This is a good idea in one sense as many outboards dont have instruments on them, and many boat owners simply run 'flatout', so setting up the motors in this way stops people blowing their motors up

I have a little 78lb electric trolling motor that came with two props- one is a hard plastic jobby that gets about 5kmh, the other is a floppy 'jelly' prop, meant for mangroves etc, same size, same pitch, but only makes 2kmh (due to its bending I suspect)- it really is 'floppy' and you can bend the tips back to the hub!