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Posted: 10:49am 06 Mar 2019      

We received some new design outboards from Golden Motor.

Kerme has been sitting under the tree since we had it in the water back in February last year. It has faded a lot and was very dirty. Had to put the gernie over it and scrub it with brooms. It really looked neglected for a long time.

Fitted up a new motor.

The new motors are adjustable in leg height. Absolutely a brilliant idea. They also have heat exchanger, no sea water through the motor or controller. It takes the normal car coolant for corrosion resistance, another brilliant idea. I do like the coolant pump too, much quieter than the older design. Also for corrosion resistance, it is fitted with a zinc anode. No air through the propeller centre. The old design still had an air line where a petrol exhaust would have been, which let air through the centre. This new motor stopped the water spray up the front of the leg much better than the old design. 10kg lighter than the old design, this new outboard measured to be 40kg. The motor shaft is horizontal and runs a tooth belt to the prop shaft, much quieter running, and very smooth. Well done to Golden Motor for developing a brilliant outboard.

Some performance data
Amps Km/hr
30 9
40 10
45 11
54 12
70 13
72 15
88 17
100 18
110 19
125 20
142 21
182 23 182A was full throttle.

We lowered the leg a little bit, and achieved 24km/hr at 175A.

Trev @