Ma-Sea Solar boat

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Posted: 12:51am 03 Dec 2019      

Some more changes to Kerme.
Cut out the second width pontoons. Added a V-Bottom. More planing surface and more tunnel space. A little less buoyancy though, so draft is more. Fitted 2 Golden motors.

Off to the water for testing.
It feels to skip a lot better at high speed, but the numbers don't indicate anything better. With the 2 motors, it never achieved any better speed than with one motor, but used more electricity. Pulling power is ok. Knee board was easy, and I got up on 2 ski's, but single ski could not get up.

Pack voltage at rest measured at 52.6v
6.3A      2.4 km/hr
8.3A      2.4 km/hr
13A        3.2 km/hr
28A        6.8 km/hr
35A        7.5 km/hr
48A        8.2 km/hr
56A        8.8 km/hr
78A        9.7 km/hr
120A       13.2 km/hr
128A       15.2 km/hr
148A       18.6 km/hr
185A       17.8 km/hr strange result
259A       21.3 km/hr
275A       24.0 km/hr
but later, another strange result
250A       26.8 km/hr

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