Ma-Sea Solar boat

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Posted: 09:55pm 11 Dec 2019      

Got 2 new propellers. 9.25 x 10. Original propellers 9.25 x 7.

Headed out to the water for another test
At rest, battery voltage measured at 53.1v. This test was heading into the wind

15.6A     6km/hr
23.3A     6km/hr
40A       7km/hr
52A       9km/hr
69A       10km/hr
88A          water sprayed up in the wind, over the bow so give more throttle quickly
170A      17km/hr
176A      19km/hr
180A      21km/hr
210A      25km/hr
225A      27km/hr
273A      29km/hr
277A      30km/hr

Screen shot the speedo after we stopped. Max at 33, but mostly could only achieve 30km/hr

I wanted to see what one motor could do on its own so lifted the other motor and disconnected the power cable. Flat out at 13km/hr. Bear in mind though this was with one motor on the side of the boat so not a direct push. steering turned to get boat to track straight.

Trev @