Ma-Sea Solar boat

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Posted: 02:40pm 15 Jan 2020      

Hi Trev,

Have been watching your progress.
I used to build Aluminium boats, never really got the chance to try one on the water, however the boss was interested in trying a new prop on the boat he had as tho old prop was worn.
Now with the good new prop at full RPM (old 2 Stroke motor) it managed 53kmh, then after that we tried a larger prop and then found the motor could not reach full RPM I think it was a little slower too, can't remember it was long ago, Extra friction may also have been a factor.

If you are getting speed with the new prop and lower amps I think you are on the right track.
Also do you know what rev's the motor is doing? I suspect it has reached its maximum rpm with that SS prop, hence the lower current at that speed, If I read this correctly.

Nice work BTW.
Cheers Aaron
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