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Posted: 02:52am 17 Mar 2022      

Kerme gets the solar panels.

I bought Sungold flex solar panels (whole pallet) quite some time ago (years) with this idea in mind (and also as a business proposition). However, a high number of these panels sold to customers have returned. They don't last and Sungold factory won't honour their original warranty terms. They told me 5 year warranty, but many panels are not lasting even 1 year. My brother is one of those customers. I decided to keep him as a test pilot of these panels. He is up to 5 or 6 replacements now. I needed to put up some panels for charging an electric quad, so decided to mount some Sungold on alloy (better cooling) because most returned panels were sikaflexed on surfaces without cooling.

They have 5 year warranty on their old and new website

Then several emails stating 25 year warranty. They can't be trusted.

Here is a picture when installed for charging the electric quad, 9 April 2021. They are fixed with screws, no glue.

Here is a picture I have taken just now, 17 March 2022. One is obviously failing, not quite 12 months.

They are still charging, but not as much as they should, or did when first put up. I have seen as high as 3.2A, but should be 6A or just over 6A.

Anyhow, just needed to give a little history on these panels. Kerme gets 8 of these Sungold panels (140W each) as another test run. Sure have to keep a good eye on them before each trip out to sea. It will be a real bugger not being able to get back to land.

Kerme also gets 4 of the Symmetry panels (110W each). We will see which panels last the longest.

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