Ma-Sea Solar boat

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Posted: 03:11am 30 Mar 2022      

Yes occasionally we used to ride the hydrofoil (or slow ferry) from Circular Quay to Manly on a Saturday night and eat ice cream and wait for the last ferry back. That's when we were young and silly. Once they cancelled the last ferry!

First day for charging.

The battery pack was empty, most cells were discharged down to 3.0v, or something like 48v for the pack. After being parked in the sun all morning, the pack voltage now in midday sun is 54.2v.  

Back set of panels. Sungold 140W x 4 series. Midday sun 5.6A

Middle set of panels. Sungold 140W x 4 series. Midday sun 5.5A

Front set of panels. Symmetry 110W x 4 series. Midday sun 5.4A.

Sungold are not really any better than the smaller wattage Symmetry. Symmetry are also smaller size, so with this roof area, I could have 4 sets of Symmetry, but only 3 sets of Sungold will fit.

Total charge in midday sun is 16.8A

So far have put in 58Ah. I will update on anew post how many Ah I get for the day.

Temperature is generally around 38 -42 degreec C. But one point I did measure 48 degrees C.