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Joined: 01/09/2020
Location: Australia
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Posted: 01:03am 19 Oct 2020
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The bulk charging duration for my Epever 4210AN controller is set to 2hrs by default.

I have a 24v/300ah agm bank (12v/600ah) which is usually hovering around 25.6v before the sun comes up.

I'm wondering how ideal that is for battery longevity or if I should shorten the bulk duration to around 30 minutes?

I have 800w of panels @ 86v.
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Posted: 01:23am 19 Oct 2020
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Look up the spec sheet of your batteries, it will have graphs that indicate how long the CV charge period should be. The tapering current CV charge can be many hours to get to 100% charge, 2 maybe and is probably not long enough.
Your battery will only get damaged if the Bulk then CV voltages are too high, again depends entirely on battery chemistry spec.

Our 48V sealed lead carbon bank takes almost a half a day to fully charge to 100%. I much prefer Lifepo4, Bulk to float time 20 minutes.

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