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Joined: 31/12/2016
Location: Australia
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Posted: 01:16pm 25 Nov 2020
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I have had plenty of FLA batteries over the years, would have been a few 1000Ah in 48v Telecom battery banks, want to get away from those things now, quite often a cell would drop out over time, keep them charged, add water etc.

With a properly managed lithium setup (still more improvements to be done in future) should be maintenance free, setup and forget.

A friend of mine (in his late 80's)wanted me to setup a large number of these 18650 cells and build it like mine, I said NO, I knew there was no way he could look after it, (end in smoke and tears) he would need something that would take care of it self.

Also, I can't imagine the next generation would even know what to do with FLA....except maybe burn fingers with the acid.
Cheers Aaron
Off The Grid
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Joined: 17/10/2017
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Posted: 01:27pm 25 Nov 2020
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The main reason for me would be state of charge, I don't need to charge my lithium to 100%. With lead acid you should do that quite often to balance and maximize the life. If you have enough solar power then that's not an issue. For me it is, I don't want to put on the generator to much.

I like the voltage curve of my lithium battery it's very flat, but also it sucks up every power it gets. In theory for example a 100Ah battery can be charged with 100A. With lead acid that's not the case.

Very low internal resistance, it will take the current untill almost charged.

The efficiency ah in/out is a lot higher with lithium, yeah you can add panels... but not me.

Disadvantages is more complex balancing, but not for me with a electronic hobby.

Price of course...
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