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Forum Index : Solar : EV Hilux Lithium now Wind /Solar Lithium

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Posted: 10:02am 02 Jun 2020
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I have now charged the 8 cells of LYP. Did a quick rough balance.
Discharged through the PL60 to measure the Ah that are drawn off. Connected up two spotlight 100W bulbs as the load.

Load as 11A and starting the Ah counter from zero.

With lowest cell down to 3.08v while still under load...
Measured 160Ah out before the internal clock changed to a new day, then measured another 52Ah out. Total Ah out is 212Ah. Not bad from a 400Ah pack that is heading up to 8 years old,used in an EV, and discharged to empty every day on the solar system.
(Edit: thought I should explain why I wrote 400Ah. They are 200Ah cells but I have 2 in parallel making 400Ah 12v pack. Discharge happened with 12v spotlight bulbs.)

The lowest cell voltage jumped up to 3.13v after the load was removed. According to the discharge curve I took out around 85%

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Posted: 12:40am 03 Jun 2020
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  Trev said  Old Seagull Man

The PVE 1200 grid inverters require a 240vac on the output side to get them to switch on. You also need to swap some dip switches inside to make them run from a battery instead of running from a solar array. The PVE 1200 manual explains how to do this.

Thank you, for the info. OSM
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