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Joined: 16/02/2019
Location: United States
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Posted: 03:15am 22 Jul 2019
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We live in a very unique time

At no time in history did a person have all the information of the world at his or her fingertips

When a person wants to learn a new subject all they have to do is Hop on the internet and they can learn how to fix a bicycle work on a car or even maybe build a homemade inverter

In school you get rewarded for being a bird-brained parrot and repeat what you're told on the internet you can think for yourself

Explore new topics and ideas and be around other people that challenges your thoughts and ideas they might have grew up in a totally different place on Earth and think totally different from you

This is how new ideas get made different thoughts and opinions and different ways of thinking from so many people at one place

And unlike school you don't have an arrogant bully saying play my way or I'm going to take my ball and go home

The Smith & Wesson was The Equalizer back in the old days

And the internet is The Equalizer today

Years ago you would have to have a degree in a subject or take a trip to your local library to have information on a subject

That's if you was lucky enough to live in a country that had libraries

Now you just have to hop on the internet and it makes all people equal with information

Not one person having more information than the other regardless of Education

So if you live in southern Africa in a with no libraries as long as you can get on the internet signal your set

Just like the Smith & Wesson equalized the fight in the old days

Nowadays it would be ignorant for a person to say I have a superior opinion

We all have the same information

Most people that go to college cram just to pass the test and don't retain much of the information

Anyone can research any topic and educate themselves on it

people only research topics that interest them and they're way more likely to retain the knowledge and actually learn something

This has put some people out of work mapmakers travel agents people that put their nose up in the air and say I'm superior because I'm educated just to name a few

But the benefits outweigh the consequences the knowledge of the Whole World in Your Hands

They are now developing a technology to read your brain waves so the computer will know what you're going to say before you do

They have it at about 70% effective right now

can you imagine a machine that reads your brain waves and communicates without speech or any movement at all just read the signals from your brain

And of course when they get this perfected they will hook it right up to the Internet unimaginable information without even having to type or speak

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Joined: 26/01/2019
Location: United States
Posts: 408
Posted: 06:52pm 24 Jul 2019
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My physics teacher has been helping me a lot and getting a few of us from school to visit the UCSD EE labs.

So we get to speak to Professors who teach EE and I really like doing practical things so I was asking about getting a job in the industry.

Now typically with my disabilities, a job in EE would be a real challenge but thanks to some California laws, I actually have an advantage there as a measure to level the playing field.

However, I got real disappointed just after getting this good news - all these places require atleast 3 years work experience WITH a Master's in EE OR a PhD (if no work experience).

So I somehow have to land a job right after during my Bachelor's in EE, gain 3 years work experience WHILE doing classes to get my Master's in EE.

OR, I have to continue on with my education until I get a PhD.

This is depressing - I can't see waiting 10 years before I can get a real job in the industry after getting out of school now.

While at hospital the next few months I really have to decide how to proceed. My teacher's tell me I don't have to worry about paying for college but even I don't know if I will be around in 10 years.

Maybe the best thing to do would be to decide some projects I want to get done over the next few years and completely throw myself at them and use these great online resources to learn from.

My biggest concern is that online resources are sometimes inaccurate and worst absolutely misleading - for example, the way a zener works is pretty interesting and simple once you get it.

However, a lot of online resources explain it incorrectly.

I mean - if you read what they write for the first few paragraphs on there, they are rephrasing things from college books, but when they go in deeper, specially when working out problems, they are doing it wrong!

Most "zener" diodes don't even use the zener effect past a certain voltage - they instead use the avalanche effect.

If they get such basic things wrong, how do I trust them to be correct for more complicated things?

Joined: 16/02/2019
Location: United States
Posts: 861
Posted: 09:08pm 24 Jul 2019
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Lady N

This was just a rant of mine now I'm kind of wishing I wouldn't wrote it

Some things you're not born with it takes time and one of those things is wisdom

Please consult the oldest smartest people you can find before making any big decisions

Please don't take advice from the rant of someone that didn't even graduate from High School

Looks like I might have put my foot in my mouth again please those of you with wisdom help

LadyN the decisions you make right now affect the rest of your life

And only the most high nose how long you'll be here on this Earth

Please don't take this rant into consideration when making any decisions

With that being said I ran into a feller yesterday that has done freelancing basically his whole life

He came up with a few of his own lighting control units along with the freelancing

Someone as intelligent as you will definitely come up with something great I'm sure

but these decisions you make now affect the rest of your life please remember that

I seen on the news last night where Neil Armstrong died my favorite astronaut a true war hero a very brave test pilot

And most of All a humble and honest man

The rant was intended for someone that was belittling people without a college education

but with anything online you have to dig very deep to make sure the information is correct

you cannot just take one source because there is a lot of wrong information out there

If you can find someone that will Mentor you that would be absolutely awesome

There is nothing as good as a seasoned veteran the subject you're studying

I got a little bit Lucky in Life or maybe a lot of Lucky in life

I faked it till I made it with everything I've ever done

When you work harder faster and longer hours prove your trustworthy and loyal

People tend to kind of overlooked certain things and give you time to learn

I have right now from the last job that I work before I retired

a letter of recommendation from the government of the United States of America

it came from one of are ambassadors they gave me a open ended job guarantee that's good forever

Being a hard-working humble trustworthy and honest person goes a long way

But that piece of paper is very important also that tells your employer that you have some basic training in a particular field

Maybe you can find a internship somewhere that's how all jobs used to be long ago

this would give you the experience that you need while still getting your college education also

And Uncle of mine tuck interest in me when I was still 11 years old

he took me to work with him and paid me really good money for the time and trained me on the job to be an electrician

This is one of the things that really helped me out in life so any kind of internship would probably be good for you also

The biggest problem is usually without that piece of paper no one will give you a chance!!!!

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