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Joined: 22/02/2006
Location: Australia
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Posted: 11:00am 05 Oct 2019
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G'day Guy's,
           As our property is a crows fly from a local gold mine for fun I've decided to make a mini 6" jaw crusher. Not going of any existing designs or drawing either just a sometime big picture between the ears and sometimes that big picture gets very small      

        Anyway got to the welding stage and that new Lincoln caddy welder I bought to replace my old Lincoln caddy welder which went out in style after 15 years of faithful work. It melted the top of the welder throwing 1 metre blue sparks out and also killed my 5kva genset in the process. Now that old welder wouldn't run off my Kipoint 3Kw inverter on arc mode but this new one does work fine on arc with the inverter.

       Well on short bursts it does as after 2 or 3 rods in a row the fan goes full bore on the inverter and soon after it goes into overload beeping it's little head off but still providing power so I can finish the rod.

       Now this Kipoint inverter I got custom made back in '05 and it's been running my shed 24/7 ever since. Went to use my toolroom lathe the other week and the VFD for the lathe went into fault mode saying too much voltage. So duly got my $10 meter and checked the AC voltage    308 volts   ah so thats why it went into fault mode. Went to the inverter and saw an over voltage option and it had a cap sealing the pot. Got a screwdriver to pop the cap out and sure enough the cap went down the back of the bench never to be found again. Dialed the cap back to 240 volts and the VFD for the lathe came to life.

      The battery in my shed is a 24 volt 735AH forklift battery and no matter how bad I try to punish it the sg just refuses to go down even with my old fridge connected. The old F&P wind genny on it's second life with the same cap bank I made all those years ago just keeps on feeding that battery.

    Gotta say it's been that long I forgot what a power bill looks like and just feel the need to use power all the time and make stuff thats out of the box.

Cheers Bryan

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Joined: 18/04/2013
Location: Australia
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Posted: 12:30pm 05 Oct 2019
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Any idea why the voltage had crept up to 308V?  

My $10 meter will measure 16V DC when the real voltage is 12V, found out the other day when I checked the DC voltage to go on a sting of LED lights. In this case I was on the alert because I had for too long ignored the low battery sign.  
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